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About the artist


I am Allison Basham Payne. I am an artist currently residing in Tennessee near the Smokey Mountains with my husband, daughter and our new little boy. I create fine art in my home studio and instruct art classes at Studio 212 in Maryville, TN.

Before my husband and I settled our roots in Tennessee, we lived in Florida most of our lives. Growing up, I was invested in dance, theatre and studio arts. My musician parents raised my five siblings and I in an environment of creativity. Their work in the Artis' Naples Philharmonic and University of Miami, Frost School of Music opened doors for me and my family to explore the arts. I attended the University of Miami, with studies in art, film, dance and foreign cultures. I received my Bachelors in Communications, a double-major degree of Motion Pictures and Studio Arts. I believe my paintings have all been imbued with the influences of film and dance ever since.

I love storytelling, as well as capturing beauty of the human condition and its balance of long-suffering and goodness.

I hope you enjoy my work and find inspiration from it that propels you forward in your life's journey. Thank you!

                    - Allison Basham Payne

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Allison painting.jpg 2014-10-25-1:3:22
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